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Mission Statement

The Museum Management Program (MMP) is part of the National Center for Cultural Resources Stewardship and Partnership Programs that provides national program support functions for park resources and advises the Associate Director, Cultural Resources, Partnerships, and Science, in Washington, DC, on policy. MMP supports development and coordination of servicewide policies, standards, and procedures for managing museum collections, including natural, cultural, archival and manuscript materials. MMP provides staff advice, technical assistance, and professional development pertaining to museum collections acquisition, documentation, preservation, protection, use, and disposal for the National Park Service. MMP develops and maintains a servicewide catalog and other statistics on museum collections. Functions include:

Policy Guidance and Program Strategy

  • Policy and procedure development and review
  • Strategic planning
  • Development and coordination of collections management initiatives and funding
  • General park planning review

Technical Information and Assistance

  • Publication and dissemination of technical information
  • Product research and procurement assistance for museum supplies and equipment
  • Management of Clearinghouse services to assist parks in acquisition and deaccessioning
  • Management of office art collection for the Washington Office

Information Management

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Development and support for automated collections management systems
  • Maintenance of electronic and paper archives of the NPS National Catalog

Public Relations

  • Marketing strategy and public relations development
  • Promotion of heritage education and public access to collections information through various media
  • Partnership development
  • Response to public inquiries
  • Liaison with national and international professional organizations, governments, press and partners

Professional Development

  • Training needs analysis and curriculum development
  • Professional development and staffing strategic planning and programs
  • Dissemination of museum management news and training announcements through various media

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