Museum Handbook: Primer on Disaster Preparedness
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Orange Line Graphic
Orange Block Graphic Hurricane Warning

1.   Board up windows or protect them with storm shutters or
     tape.  Some should be left slightly open to equalize
     the pressure.

2.   Leave low-lying areas that may be swept by high tides
     or storm waves.

3.   Stay in the building if it is sturdy and on high
     ground.  If not -- and especially if local authorities
     order an evacuation -- move to a designated shelter.

4.   Remain indoors.  Don't be fooled by the calmness of the
     "eye."  Remember, the winds on the other side of the
     "eye" will come from the opposite direction.

5.   Hurricane Evacuation:

-    Follow the instructions of local authorities

-    If transportation is provided by local authorities, use it

-    If you must walk or drive to another location:

     --   Leave early enough so as not to be marooned,
     --   If driving, ensure there is sufficient gas,
     --   Use recommended routes rather than trying to find
          short-cuts, and
     --   Go to a designated location -- don't go anywhere else.