Museum Handbook: Primer on Disaster Preparedness
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Orange Line Graphic
Orange Block Graphic Severe Storms

(These first procedures apply to thunderstorms, tornados, hurri- canes, etc.)

In the event of a severe storm watch within the surrounding area:

1. Listen to the local radio/TV or NOAA Weather Radio for instructions.

2. Plan ahead before the storm arrives.

3. Tie down loose items located outside or move them indoors.

4. Open windows slightly, time permitting, on the side away from the direction of the storm's approach.

5. Check battery-powered equipment and back-up power sources.

6. Fill vehicles with gas.

In the event of a severe storm warning within the surrounding area:

1. Disconnect electrical equipment and appliances not required for emergency use.

2. Do not use telephone except for an emergency or abso- lutely essential business.

3. Store drinking water in clean containers (e.g., jugs, bottles, sinks).

4. Avoid structures with wide span roofs (e.g., gymnasi- um).

5. Otherwise, take cover.