Museum Handbook: Primer on Disaster Preparedness
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Orange Line Graphic
Orange Block Graphic Explosion

In case of an explosion in your area:

 1.  Remain calm.

 2.  Take cover under a table or desk.

 3.  Be prepared for possible further explosions.

 4.  Stay away from windows, mirrors, overhead fixtures, filing
     cabinets, bookcases, etc.

 5.  Follow the instructions of the security guards and emergency
     preparedness personnel.

 6.  Evacuate calmly, when directed, to the Assembly Area. 
     Assist disabled persons.

 7.  Do not move seriously injured persons, unless they are in
     immediate danger (fire, building collapse, etc.)

 8.  Open doors carefully.  Watch for falling objects.

 9.  Do not use elevators.

10.  Avoid using the telephone, except in a life threatening

11.  Do not use matches or lighters.

12.  Do not re-enter the affected area until directed by
     emergency preparedness personnel.

13.  Do not spread rumors.