American Visionaries: George Washington Carver
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Title: Carver Gallery

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CarverSpecimen CaseWatch and BibleSweet PotatoLanternSlateFireless CookerRolling Pin and GraterPeanut Specimen
Palette and BrushesMatPaint SampleSamplerOil PaintingCloth with Cross StitchTuskegee Institute LabsCarver with Henry Ford
Moutned Cow SkeletonChemistry LabDifferent Cow SkeletonShelled PeanutsMicroscope in CaseSpecs and CaseRoosterTypewriterDigging Tool
LabTruckHorse CollarFeed GrinderCutleryCompassGeologic SpecimensSweet Potato ProductsPeanut Products
Carver MuseumCarver's Birth CertificateAgricultural Bulletins


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