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Image of John Armstrong
John Armstrong (1758-1843)
By Rembrandt Peale
INDE 14025
Image of Duportail Duportail (1743-1802)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 14046
n 1776, the British moved against New York and nearly succeeded in capturing Washington's Army. American defeats at Long Island and along the Hudson were disastrous. Washington retreated across New Jersey into Pennsylvania. In late December, Washington surprised and captured the Hessians at Trenton and the British supplies at Princeton before wintering at Morristown. The following year British General William Howe moved against the American capital, Philadelphia. He captured that city following the American defeat at Brandywine. An American counter-attack against Germantown failed. Washington moved his army to winter quarters at Valley Forge. Here, rigorous training in military drill and tactics transformed the troops into an efficient fighting force. The disciplined Continental Army's new skills were demonstrated at Monmouth.
Image of Alexander Hamilton Alexander Hamilton (1755-1804)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 11877
Image of William Hull William Hull (1753-1825)
By James Sharples Senior
INDE 11911
Image of Timothy Pickering Timothy Pickering (1745-1829)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 14131
Image of William Smallwood William Smallwood (1732-1792)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 14148
Image of Anthony Wayne Anthony Wayne (1745-1796)
By James Sharples Senior
INDE 11922
Long Island, Harlem Heights, White Plains, Fort Washington, Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine, Germantown, Fort Montgomery, Fort Clinton, Valley Forge, Monmouth, Vincennes, Stony Point, Morristown.
Image of Otho Holland Williams Otho Holland Williams (1749-1794)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 14164
Image of Baron Von Steuben Baron Von Steuben (1730-1794)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 11876
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