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Henry Dearborn Henry Dearborn (1751-1829)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 14041
Horatio Gates Horatio Gates (1728/9-1806)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 14053
he Revolutionary War began with the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775. Soon after, the Americans took Fort Ticonderoga, New York. In Boston, the British won a costly victory at Bunker Hill [Breeds Hill]. By the end of the year, the Continental Army attempted a two-pronged invasion of Canada. This move ended with a failed attack on Quebec. General Washington forced the British out of Boston in March 1776 with siege guns moved from Fort Ticonderoga. In 1777, a heavily contested British campaign to converge on Albany was stopped at Fort Stanwix and soundly defeated at Bennington and Saratoga.
John Paul Jones John Paul Jones (1741-1792)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 11886
Henry Knox Henry Knox (1750-1806)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 14081
Rufus Putnam Rufus Putnam (1737-1824)
By James Sharples Senior
INDE 11914
Authur St. Clair Arthur St. Clair (1736-1794)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 14143
James Mitchell Varnum James Mitchell Varnum (1748-1789)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 14152
Lexington, Concord, Ticonderoga, Bunker Hill, Boston, Quebec, Fort Stanwix, Bennington, Saratoga, Newport
James Wilkinson James Wilkinson (1757-1825)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 14166
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