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Marquis De Chastellux Marquis De Chastellux (1734-1788)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 14038
Baron De Kalb Baron De Kalb (1721-1780)
INDE 14084
he fighting in the South began with American victories at Great Bridge in Virginia, Moores Creek Bridge in North Carolina, and Sullivans Island in South Carolina. The British returned to the South in late 1778. They captured Savannah and Augusta. In 1779, a British attack upon Charleston and an American siege against Savannah both failed. The following year, the British captured Charleston and its 5,000 American defenders. This was the largest American loss of the war. Victories at the Waxhaws, Camden, and Ninety-Six gave the British control of South Carolina.

s the British advanced into North Carolina, American victories at Kings Mountain and Cowpens frustrated British control efforts. A decisive battle at Guilford Courthouse destroyed one-quarter of Cornwallis' British army and forced his retreat to Wilmington. Too weak to continue in North Carolina, Cornwallis moved into Virginia. This allowed General Greene to retake the interiors of South Carolina and Georgia. Following a battle at Green Springs, Cornwallis moved to Yorktown. General Washington and the French trapped him there.

Nathanael Greene Nathanael Greene (1742-1786)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 14055
John Eager Howard John Eager Howard (1752-1827)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 14071
Marquis De Lafayette Marquis De Lafayette (1757-1834)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 14080
John Laurens John Laurens (1754-1782)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 14075
Henry Lee Henry Lee (1756-1818)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 14076
Benjamin Lincoln Benjamin Lincoln (1733-1810)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 14097
Battles of the Southern Theater: Augusta, Camden, Charleston, Cowpens, Eutaw, Fort Watson, Great Bridge, Green Springs, Guilford Courthouse, Hobkirk's Hill, King's Mountain, Moores Creek, Ninety-Six, Savannah, Sullivan's Island, Waxhaws, Wilmington
Daniel Morgan Daniel Morgan (1736-1802)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 11884
Comte De Rochambeau Comte De Rochambeau (1725-1807)
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 14138
William Augustine Washingto William Washington
By Charles Willson Peale
INDE 14173
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