Thomas Moran: Painter of Yellowstone NP

Moran and the Hayden Expedition

Pack Train of the U.S. Geological Survey  
William Henry Jackson
Pack Train of the U.S. Geological Survey

The 1871 U.S. Geological Survey expedition led by fellow Philadelphian Dr. Ferdinand V. Hayden provided the opportunity for Moran to travel to the Yellowstone region. A respected painter, engraver, and illustrator by this time, the 34-year-old Moran quickly realized how this journey would change his life, however he had little idea how it would change American history.

Moran traveled through what would become Yellowstone National Park from about July 22 to August 9, 1871. Among other sites, he sketched the Gardiner River, Mammoth Hot Springs, Liberty Cap, and Tower Fall. He captured the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone with its dramatic yellow, orange, and red walls and its impressive Upper and Lower Falls.




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