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History of Everglades National Park

There should be an untouched example of the Everglades of Florida established as a national park." Stephen T. Mather, the first Director of the National Park Service, 1923

Many worked long and hard to preserve this unique ecosystem, and to establish a national park in the Florida Everglades.  In 1916, the Royal Palm State Park on Paradise Key was created as the first protected area in the Everglades. It became the nucleus of Everglades National Park. Through the 1920s, support for a national park grew.  On May 30, 1934, an Act was passed authorizing a park to be acquired through public or private donation. More...

President Truman at Everglades National Park

On December 6, 1947, President Harry S Truman, dedicated Everglades National Park, saying; "Here is land, tranquil in its quiet beauty, serving not as the source of water, but as the last receiver of it. To its natural abundance we owe the spectacular plant and animal life that distinguishes this place from all others in our country."