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Everglades Commemorative Stamp
The Everglades commemorative is a domestic letter rate 3¢ per oz stamp.  The artwork features a great white heron in the foreground, with a map of Florida and the Everglades National Park outlined.  It was created using the intaglio or engraving method.  The stamp was printed using the rotary process in sheets of fifty.  It measures 84/100 by 1 44/100 inches.  As with Commemorative Postage Stamps of 1947, the Everglades stamp is perforated 11 x 10½  - 200 Subject Electric Eye Plates.  It was first placed on sale at Florida City, Fla., on December 5, 1947 a day before the park was dedicated, and 122,362,000 were issued.

Garnett Megee, Artist
Graphic artist Garnett Megee designed the Everglades commemorative stamp. Earlier, he had worked at the Federal Bureau of Printing and Engraving before moving to Miami. At the time, the Everglades National Park commemorative was one of the best selling stamps in the history of the US Postal Service.