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Scotty's Castle House Tour

"On the northern rim of the country's hottest spot, there is a magical Mediterranean castle nestled in the folds of Grapevine Canyon ...The road from the blistering desert floor slants up towards the hills... empties (into)... an oasis alive with palmtrees, the sound of water, and a castle straight out of A Thousand and One Nights..."
David Andrews, Editor, Common Ground

Bessie Johnson writing about her desert vacation home, notes, "...we began decorating and glorifying it till it turned into a castle with an organ and a bell tower and chimes. .. it makes a fine lodge when we come in off the desert, hot and dusty. It's not nearly finished and maybe never will be. We don't know. We build as fancy leads..."


Scotty's Castle Living Hall
Scotty's Castle Courtyard
Scotty's Castle: Scotty Bedroom
Scotty's Castle Lower Music Room
Scotty's Castle Solarium
Scotty's Castle Kitchen
Scotty's Castle Dining Room
Scotty's Castle, Mrs. Johnson's Apartment
Scotty's Castle West Guest Suite
Scotty's Castle Italian Room
Scotty's Castle Will Rogers Room
Scotty's Castle Bokhara Room


Scotty's Castle Floor Plan

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