Scotty's Bedroom

Death Valley Scotty never lived in Scotty's Castle until his last year. The Lower Vine Ranch was Scotty's real home and he slept there most nights.

The passageway from the Great Hall into Scotty's bedroom features a gunrack with Johnson's and Scotty's gun collection. The furnishings are Spanish Colonial Revival; including a handcarved headboard that has a mountain lion, window shutters have cut-outs of desert animals; and iron wall lamps represent lizards, and the closet has leather and metal trim.

Memorabilia focuses on Scotty's life prior to his time in Death Valley. Directly across from his bed is a huge hand-colored, black and white photograph of William F. Cody, also known as Buffalo Bill. Scotty was a member of Buffalo Bill's Wild West show from 1890 to 1902. There is a signed photograph to Scotty from entertainer-producer P. T. Barnum on the dresser. Atop the armoire is a photograph of sharp-shooter Annie Oakley.
Scotty knew Annie Oakley from the Wild West Show.

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