Worthington House Virtual Tour - Standard Version

A two-story red brick house with a wide front porch.
Worthington House

NPS / Nathan King


For the first time ever, explore Worthington House close up with 360-degree photos. Worthington House is normally closed to the public, so these photos provide a rare glimpse at this historic structure.

The historic Worthington House was an important feature on the battlefield. While the Worthington family took shelter in the cellar, Confederate troops used the river crossing on the Worthington property to mount a flanking attack on the Federal troops defending the bridge at Monocacy Junction.


Worthington House Basement Floorplan Basement Cellar
Worthington House First Floor Floorplan First Floor Foyer Front Porch Dining Room Servant's Stairs Kitchen Back Porch Parlor
Worthington House Second Floor Floorplan Second Floor Servant's Quarters Attic Stairs Servant's Stairs North Bedroom Top of Stairs South Bedroom



First Floor


Upper Level








Last updated: June 3, 2020

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