"The Beanery" at Kelso

The Beanery at Kelso
The Beanery: Hot coffee and hot gossip since 1924

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Reappearance of a Mojave Desert Oasis!
After a nearly two decade-long haitus, the Kelso Depot lunch counter-"The Beanery"-is back in business. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee, cold ice cream, a fresh deli sandwich, or the latest gossip in this unique setting, painstakingly restored to its historic, 1924 appearance.

Check-out the latest menu (PDF, 1.36 MB) and feel free to call ahead (see below) for large or group orders. We appreciate the heads-up!

Kelso Depot Visitor Center

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Open Friday through Tuesday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

760 252-6165

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