Springs & Seeps: Hackberry Mtn (1:24,000)

Hackberry Spring (adit, cement drinker & pipe), South Hackberry Spring (pipe)
MOJA Spring ID:
General Location: Hackberry Mountain
Elevation: 1310 – 1364 m
History: Mining, livestock grazing
Type of spring:
Adit and diversion to drinker (Hachberry), Water diverted from Qanat (South Hackberry).
Moss on broken end of dripping pipe of Hackberry Spring. A dozen Mimulus plants crowded in 2’ x 1’ wet area under pipe. Non wetland vegetation found include catclaw-cholla scrub, Amsinkia tesselata, yellow weedy mustard, Bromus, Brickelia, Atriplex, Prunus fasciculate, Phacelia (Hackberry Spring). Rhus trilobata, Fallugia paradoxal on canyon wall and Salivia mojavense, Mimulus (guttatus) (South Hackberry).
Animal Using Spring: Doves, Say's phoebes
Aquatic biota:
8 gpm (Hackberry), 1.2 - 6.5 gpm (South Hackberry)
Water quality: (HAMO2): pH: 8.42, Conductivity: 296 (µS/cm), DO: 11.45 mg/l, Salinity: 0.1 (0/00); (HAMO3): pH: 8.25, Conductivity: 292 (µS/cm), DO: 12.47 mg/l, Salinity: 0.1 (0/00); (HAMO5): pH: 7.06, Conductivity: 191.5 (µS/cm), DO: 7.94 mg/l, Slainity: 0.09 (0/00), TDS: 92mg/l
Site Condition: highly disturbed (Hackberry Spring), moderately disturbed (South Hackberry Spring)
Type of disturbance: mining, diversion
Type of infrastructure/diversion:
Large black plastic pipe drains the large adit water source. The adit is blasted through geode-encrusted rock, and goes in approximately 15’ to a constructed wall of water-storage section. The wall is ~1.5’ high; water depth is 6”; water width is ~3’. Water storage length approx 50’. Water temp is cool. At the back end of the storage pool is another constructed wall with more water storage behind it. Just outside the adit (east side) is a 2” iron pipe dripping water. No storage associated with this pipe. “Upper” or South Hackberry Spring is a dry, collapsed qanat and has smaller and less pipe remaining. The rusted pipe from unknown source pours out from broken end into rectangular trough.
Photos: Yes

Negro Mine Spring, Oak Spring
MOJA Spring IDs:
HAMO6, 7
General Location: Hackberry Mountain
Elevation: 1375 – 1380 m
History: Mining (Negro Mine Spring)
Hydrogeology: NA
Type of spring:
Excavation/Cave/Seep (Negro Mine); rheocrene (Oak Spring)
Vegetation: Oaks (Oak Spring)
Animal Use:
Bighorn Sheep, Owls
Aquatic biota: none
no (Negro Mine Spring), yes (Oak Spring)
Discharge: none to 200 l/m Oak Spring; no discharge at Negro Spring
Water quality:
Negro Mine: pH: 8.42, Conductivity: 296 (µS/cm), DO: 11.45 mg/l, Salinity: 0.1 (0/00); Oak Spring: pH: 7.51, Conductivity: 166.6 (µS/cm), DO: 10.30 mg/l, Salinity: 0.08 (0/00)
Site Condition:
undisturbed (Oak Spring), moderately disturbed (Negro Mine Spring)
Type of disturbance: Mining (Negro Mine Spring)
Type of infrastructure/diversion: Negro Mine Spring consists of water dripping off the roof of an adit (10' x 10') dug into the base of the cliff face at the top of the drainage. A pool about 30" in diameter was collecting the dripping water. The mine shaft itself (Negro Mine) is located about 40 yards downslope of the spring and is partially hidden in the brush. No water was observed in the mine.
Photos: Yes

Vontrigger Spring (seep, springbox)
MOJA Spring IDs:
HAMO8, 9
General Location: Vontrigger Hills
Elevation: 1075 & 1077 m
History: NA
Type of spring:
seep, springbox
Vegetation: Vegetation is creosote scrub with catclaw in and adjacent to wash, Mojave yucca on ridges and scattered below. Scattered buckhorn cholla and Echinocereus. Ground lushly carpeted with erodium, annual grass, Plagiobothrys/Cryptantha.
Animal Use: burros, deer
Aquatic biota: bees, Junk beetles and Dip larvae
Ephemeral: yes (seep) no (springbox)
Discharge: NA
Water quality:
Site Condition:
slightly disturbed (seep), highly disturbed (springbox)
Type of disturbance: burros
Type of infrastructure/diversion:
Remains of a burro exclosure (seep). This is the developed spring adjacent to the wash. It consists of a large cement springbox built into the hillside and wash. Inner dimensions of the shaft are ~4’x5’. Water surface currently 2 ½’ below ground level of the wash. (Hand dug well/excavated springbox))
Photos: Yes

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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