Springs & Seeps: Homer Mtn (1:24,000)

Piute Spring
MOJA Spring ID:
General Location:
Ft. Piute (Homer Mountain)
866 m
Located on old Mojave Government Road, prehistoric and extensive historic use, including farming
Hydrogeology: Faulting and erosion cause discharge from the east side of the local Lanfair Valley aquifer at Piute Spring that creates a narrow riparian corridor a couple kilometers in length. Recharge to the aquifer comes from precipitation in the New York Mountains and Castle Peaks.
Type of spring:
Willows, tamarisk, cattails, rushes
Animal Use:
Bighorn Sheep
Aquatic biota:
Discharge: 11.5 gpm
Water quality:
Halfway point in Nov.2008: DO: 10.5 mg/l, pH: 7.75, Conductivity: 803 (µS/cm) TDS: 391 mg/l, Salinity: 0.4 (0/00); At source in March 2010: DO: 5.55 mg/l, pH: 8.03, Conductivity: 453 (µS/cm) TDS: 219 mg/l, Salinity: 0.22 (0/00); Halfway point in March 2010: DO: 8.36 mg/l, pH: 8.36, Conductivity: 532 (µS/cm) TDS: 258 mg/l, Salinity: 0.26 (0.00); Downstream in March 2010: DO: 9.72 mg/l, pH: 9.72, Conductivity: 522 (µS/cm) TDS: 253 mg/l, Salinity: 0.25 (0/00)
Site Condition:
moderately disturbed
Type of disturbance:
historic residence, wildfire, recreation
Type of infrastructure/diversion: Interpretive site, developed hiking trails.
Photos: Yes

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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