Soda Lake South

Spring Name: Alkaline Spring
General Location: Soda Lake (Soda Lake South)
Elevation: 258 m
History: Alkaline Spring is located right off the historic Mojave Road at the edge of Soda Lake and has some historic and pre-historic significance. Remnants of a drinker and piping are still visible.
Hydrogeology: The spring was located at the edge of a wet playa.
Type of spring: Dry
Vegetation: One mesquite tree and grasses
Animals using spring: None
Aquatic biota: None
Ephemeral: no, dry, even during wet weather
Discharge: dry
Water quality: n/a
Site Condition: moderately disturbed
Type of disturbance: historic diversion and drinker
Type of infrastructure/diversion: 20 meters of historic piping and the rusted remnants of a drinker are present.
Photos: no

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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