Inside Montezuma Castle

The view from inside Montezuma Castle
Gaze once again, as the Sinagua did 700 years ago, through the windows of Montezuma Castle in this virtual tour.

NPS Photo by Paul Ollig

Since before its establishment as a National Monument in 1906, Montezuma Castle has drawn curious visitors from all over the world. Standing below the 900 year old masonry walls of this dramatic structure often conjures more questions than answers.

How did they built it?

How did they get up there?

What is it like to be inside the castle?

It’s been over fifty years since the last visitor was allowed to gaze out the windows of Montezuma Castle as the Sinagua did 700 years ago. While we can no longer permit the general public to enter the fragile cliff dwelling, you can still discover the enduring legacy of the ancient Sinagua through this virtual tour of the iconic symbol of Arizona’s ancient cultures.

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Last updated: February 24, 2015

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