List of Classified Structures

List of Classified Structures (LCS).

The List of Classified Structures (LCS) is an evaluated inventory of all historic and prehistoric structures that have historical,architectural, and/or engineering significance within parks of the National Park System in which the National Park Service has, or plans to acquire, any legally enforceable interest. The list is evaluated or "classified" by the National Register of Historic Places criteria. Structures are constructed works that serve some form of human activity and are generally immovable. They include buildings and monuments, dams, millraces and canals,nautical vessels, bridges,tunnels and roads,railroad locomotives,rolling stock and track, stockades and fences,defensive works,temple mounds and kivas, ruins of all structural types that still have integrity as structures, and outdoor sculpture.

The information below is from the LCS database managed by the Park Historic Structures and Cultural Landscapes Program.

Number Name State Significance Level
AZ O:5:14 Montezuma Castle Arizona Contributing
AZ O:5:62 Rockshelter with Masonry Rooms Arizona Contributing
AZ O:5:69 Masonry Structure Arizona Contributing
AZ O:5:75 Cavates Arizona Contributing
AZ O:5:88 Rockshelter with Masonry Room Arizona Contributing
AZ O:5:89 Rockshelter with Masonry Rooms Arizona Contributing
AZ O:5:90 Pueblo Arizona Contributing
AZ O:5:91 Pueblo Arizona Contributing
AZ O:5:93 Swallet Cave Ruin Arizona Contributing
AZ O:5:94 Prehistoric Irrigation Canals Arizona Contributing
AZ O:5:95 Castle A Arizona Contributing
MB-3 Equipment Shed Arizona Local
MG-06 Historic Irrigation Ditch System Arizona Contributing
MG-10 CCC Revetment Arizona Local
MH-4 Residence #4 Arizona Local
MH-5 Residence #5 Arizona Local

Last updated: July 5, 2017

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