July 01, 2016 Posted by: Collin Beckham
I started today off at Montezuma Castle with more interpretation, alongside Sam Sharp. There was a moderate amount of people and I really enjoyed answering everyone's questions. The monsoon weather brought about cool winds and light rain, which was a huge relief from the Summer heat. Just as other days there were people from all over the globe. I especially enjoy meeting people who are genuinely surprised by the sheer beauty and uniqueness of the castle. 

Each day in interpretation has been a great learning experience and I feel myself getting better every time. Today I had the idea of putting different trading items in front of the board that shows the trade routes of the tribes in the southwest. This proved to work well as people were actually able to see and touch the different trade items that were used back during the time of the Sinagua. I also put out a tarantula hawk, which is a bug that paralyzes tarantulas and lays its eggs inside them; visitors were fascinated by this. 

The second half of the day was spent at Montezuma Well, where I continued with interpretation. I will be honest, my knowledge of Montezuma Well is not as perfect as it should be, mainly due to the fact that I spend most of my time at Montezuma Castle. Because of this, it was great to get hands-on experience and find my weak areas. Luckily, volunteer Jon Hayden was there to answer any questions I had. I was mainly stationed at the base of the well to make sure people weren't doing anything they weren't supposed to, along with answering questions. 

Some park visitors spotted a fox behind a huge boulder by the well and pointed it out to me. We were standing on top of the ridge looking down on the little fox. I went over to Jon Hayden and told him about the cute, furry creature and he quickly came over. He said that it was a baby Gray Fox.He also pointed out a den right by where the fox was sitting and said that there was a mom and other babies inside. The baby fox just sat there, catching some sunlight for about ten minutes; he scratched himself, sniffed, and rolled around before finally crawling back into his den. I also saw a decently sized red millipede crawling along one of the boulders by the well. Ducks were quacking, chipmunks were chirping, and ants were scurrying. Today was full of wildlife and friendly vacationers! 

Collage of photos from Montezuma Well showing the natural resources

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