Halloween Pennant

A large, four-winged insect perched on the end of a flower blossom.

NPS/Gordon Dietzman


The Halloween Pennant is named for its orange tinted wings with their black bands--Halloween colors! They also prefer exposed perches and are often found perching at the very top of bushes and small trees, where they prefer bare twigs as perch. From this high vantage point they swing back and forth in the breeze like flags, hence the name "pennant."

Few dragonflies seem to like wind and rain, yet the halloween pennants are active in stiff winds, on cool days, and even light mist. They may even mate on windy days, flying in tandem while the female deposits eggs in the tops of curling waves.

Look for these dragonflies on days when most other dragonflies have sought shelter.

Watch Behavior

Watch these dragonflies at the top of their "flagpole" swing in the breeze.


Key ID Features: 1.5" long. Orange tinged wings with black bands; the colors of Halloween.

Present in Park: June through September. Pickerel Lake in Lilydale Regional Park is a good place to search.

Habitat: Ponds and lakes.

Last updated: December 4, 2017

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