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A building with prominent glass windows and steel panels
The Minuteman Missile National Historic Site Visitor Center features three pillars at the entry to the building to represent the air, sea, and land elements of the nuclear triad.

NPS/Rob Swanson

The visitor center is the best place to begin your visit to the park and explore the story of the Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missile System and its role in the larger context of the Cold War. Staff are available daily to assist visitors in learning more about the park. Visitor amenities include public wi-fi, exhibits, films, and a bookstore.

Exhibits & Park Film
Visitor center exhibits explore the story of the Minuteman Missile's role as part of the United States policy of nuclear deterrence during the Cold War through artifacts, photographs, films, and interactive displays. A park film is in production and scheduled to be completed by the spring of 2017.

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