Minidoka Civil Liberties Symposium

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Minidoka National Historic Site, Boise State University, and the Friends of Minidoka, are pleased to present the 11th Annual Civil Liberties Symposium. On October 15-16, 2016 at Boise State University the theme of "Mass Incarceration in the Land of the Free" will be addressed by talented speakers and symposium attendees. Nationally and internationally known scholars, judges, federal prosecutors and public defenders, former inmates, and other formerly elected and currently appointed officials will address the audience as speakers, panelists, and moderators, within the context of the loss of civil liberties by Japanese Americans during the WWII era, leading up to present days, including the Black Lives Matter movement.

The cost for the symposium is $70 and is recognized as professional development credits by many schools employing forward thinking educators. Registration is on-line through Boise State University.

Among the themes, topics and concepts that the various speakers will explore during this Symposium will be the treatment of ethnic and racial minorities during wartime, whether or not it is ever justified to inter an entire group of people based on ethnic and/or racial ancestry, the efforts to seek justice for the interred populations, and what justice might be for aggrieved people.The speakers will also address this year's Symposium theme of mass incarceration and the protection of civil liberties during both wartime and the contemporary era, from a variety of perspectives.

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