Voting - "I Know the Answer!"

Make sure to read “The People Choose" before completing this page. The story holds clues to answer the following questions:
A colorized cartoon drawing of the U.S. Constitution

Question 1:

This document was created to make America one strong, organized nation.

Answer: The C_________________

Drawing of the Bill of Rights on parchment written with a quill

Question 2:

Changes to the Constitution to make sure all American citizens are protected. There are 27 of them.

Answer: A_____________

Cartoon of a king in fancy clothing wearing a crown

Question 3:

Winning the American Revolution means this person is no longer in charge of America. We have a President chosen by a vote of the people.

Answer: K____

Cartoon of a group of women with American flags and picket signs

Question 4:

The 19th Amendment now allows these Americans in every state the right to vote.

Answer: W_____

Cartoon image of Martin Van Buren standing in front of an American flag

Question 5:

This man was only six years old when the United States Constitution was created, but he grew up to be America’s eighth President.

Answer: M______ V__ B_____

Last updated: October 29, 2020

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