Campaign Platforms

Election campaigns are serious business. Speeches are given by candidates in hope the people listening will vote for them.

The speeches tell citizens (the people) why they are running and what they promise to do if they are elected.

The reasons why they are campaigning and promises made if elected is called their platform.

Foxy and Mortimer are both campaigning to be elected President of Lindenwald, this makes them presidential candidates.

You can read Mortimer and Foxy’s platforms below.

After reading their platforms who would you elect?

Make a campaign poster for your favorite candidate.

A stuffed red fox sitting in a flower bed
Will you vote for Foxy?

Foxy's Platform

I'm Foxy the fox, and I am the only one who would make a good president of Lindenwald. I have five reasons why you should vote for me:

1. I'm fast and will get things done in the blink of an eye.
2. I can do tricks.
3. I make friends with everyone I meet.
4. I promise everyone at Lindenwald will get all the ice cream they want.
5. My daddy thinks I'm funny.

So, vote for me!
Foxy, Fast and friendly !

A stuffed turtle sitting in the grass on a rock
Or will you vote for Mortimer?

Mortimer's Platform

I'm Mortimer the Turtle, and between the two of us, I'm the best choice for President of Lindenwald . Here are five reasons why:

1. I do things slowly and correctly.
2. I'm trustworthy.
3. I'm kind.
4. I promise the bunnies at Lindenwald will always have carrots to eat.
5. My mommy thinks I'm cute.

Vote for me, Mortimer the turtle:
Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

Last updated: December 22, 2020

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