The Presidential Campaign of 1840

Drawn image of Martin Van Buren happily holding a glass of champagne
Make your own Whig campaign token with this activity!

The 1840 presidential election between Martin Van Buren and William Henry Harrison paved the way for the political campaigns we have today. Find out what presidential campaigns were like in the mid-1800s.

This unattractive token of Martin Van Buren was used by Whigs to turn public opinion in favor of William Henry Harrison. The presidential campaigns of today got their start with the 1840 election.

During this 30-minute activity Van Buren’s Scholars will:

  • Learn about the 1840 presidential campaign involving the Democratic and Whig political parties.
  • Make a replica of the 1840 campaign token used by the Whig party against Martin Van Buren.

Download the activity pages here.

Last updated: September 13, 2020

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