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If You Have One Hour:

Come inside the visitor center and spend some time looking at the museum exhibits to learn more about life before, during, and after World War II. Exhibits include historic photographs and audiovisual programs, artifacts, and a scale model of Manzanar War Relocation Center crafted by people formerly incarcerated at Manzanar. A large graphic includes the names of over 10,000 Japanese Americans who spent all or part of World War II at Manzanar.

If You Have Two Hours:

After spending an hour at the visitor center seeing the exhibits, walk or drive to the demonstration buildings of Block 14. Spend your remaining time visiting the two reconstructed barracks, a reconstructed women's latrine, and a remodeled WWII era mess hall to learn about daily life at Manzanar. Inside the buildings you will find exhibits on topics like housing, food, camp management, the loyalty questionnaire, schools, and more.

If You Have Half a Day:

Start your day at the visitor center seeing the exhibits, then take the 3.2-mile self-guided driving tour around the site to experience the Manzanar landscape. Make your first stop the buildings and exhibits of Block 14. Drive or bike the remaining loop to see Merritt Park, the cemetery monument, and more. Ask for a map at the visitor center.

If You Have a Day or More:

Once you've been to the visitor center and Block 14, take the time to explore Manzanar on foot. Things to see include: the site of the Children's Village, remnants of the hospital, the orchards, eleven uncovered Japanese gardens, the baseball field, the Shepherd Ranch site, and more. Weather can be unpredictable so be prepared by bringing layers, water, and sun protection. The ground and vegetation can make for uneven footing, make sure to wear proper footwear. Don't forget to watch out for wildlife.

Still have time? Manzanar is one of many exciting places to visit in the Owens Valley. Investigate our nearby attractions for ideas suited to any taste.

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Last updated: September 27, 2022

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