Your Dollars At Work

In accordance with our General Management Plan and subsequent planning documents which have grown out of the GMP, Manzanar National Historic Site has completed or is in the construction or planning phase of many project that will enhance the visitor experience at our site.

Manzanar National Historic Site does not charge entrance or user fees. We rely on our annual budget from Congress, National Park Service special project funds, and donations to operate our site and to meet our goals of improved visitor services.

As a relatively new park site, Manzanar is undergoing a period of great change and development: the historic camp auditorium has been transformed into a state of the art Visitor Center; one of eight perimeter guard towers has been reconstructed; archeological surveys and clean-up are ongoing; the rehabilitation of the mess hall has been completed with interpretive exhibits, two reconstructed barracks depicting changing time periods has been built, interpretive exhibits will be installed in 2015. Gardens and fish ponds have been uncovered in several blocks.

All of these projects are funded by the American taxpayer, with assistance from generous donations. The projects have been chosen to maximize our ability to tell the stories associated with Manzanar as outlined in our General Management Plan.

Plan a visit to see what we are up to this year.

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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