Union Order of Battle - First Manassas

71st new york state militia
71st New York State Militia at the Washington Navy Yard in 1861

Library of Congress

Army of Northeastern Virginia

Brigadier General Irvin McDowell

First Division
Brigadier General Daniel Tyler

First Brigade
Colonel Erasmus D. Keyes

2nd Maine - Colonel C.D. Jameson
1st Connecticut - Colonel GS Burnham
2nd Connecticut - Colonel A.H. Terry

3rd Connecticut - Colonel J.L. Chatfield

Second Brigade
Brigadier General Robert C. Schenck

2nd New York Militia - Colonel G.W.B. Tompkins
1st Ohio - Colonel A. McD. McCook
2nd Ohio - Lieutenant Colonel R. Mason
Company E, 2nd U.S. Artillery - Captain J.H. Carlisle

Company G, First US Artillery (Section) - Lieutenant Peter C. Haines

Third Brigade
Colonel William T. Sherman

13th New York - Colonel I. F. Quinby
69th New York - Colonel M. Corcoran (W&C), Captain J. Kelly
79th New York - Colonel J. Cameron (K)
2nd Wisconsin - Lieutenant Colonel H.W. Peck
Company E, 3rd U.S. Artillery - Captain R.B. Ayres
Fourth Brigade
Colonel Israel B. Richardson

1st Massachusetts - Colonel R. Cowdin
12th New York - Colonel E.L. Wairath
2nd Michigan - Major A.W. Williams
3rd Michigan - Colonel D. McConnell
Company G, 1st US Artillery (2 guns), Lt. J. Edwards
Company M, 2nd US Artillery (4 guns), Capt. H. J. Hunt

Colonel David Hunter (W)
Colonel Andrew Porter

First Brigade
Colonel Andrew Porter

8th New York (Militia) - Colonel G. Lyons
14th New York (Militia) - Colonel A.M. Wood (W), Lt. Colonel E. B. Fowler
27th New York - Colonel H. W. Slocum (W), Major J.J. Bartlett
U.S. Infantry Battalion (8 Cos.) - Major G. Sykes
U.S. Marine Corps Battalion - Major J.G. Reynolds
U.S. Cavalry Battalion (7 Cos.) - Major Innis N. Palmer
Company D, 5th U.S. Artillery - Captain Charles Griffin
Second Brigade
Colonel Ambrose E. Burnside

2nd New Hampshire - Colonel G. Marston (W), Lieutenant Colonel F.S. Flake
1st Rhode Island - Major J.P. Balch
2nd Rhode Island - Colonel J.S. Slocum (K), Lieutenant Colonel F. Wheaton
71st New York - Colonel H.P. Martin
2nd Rhode Island Battery, Capt. William H. Reynolds

Third Division
Colonel Samuel P. Heintzelman (W)

First Brigade
Colonel William B. Franklin

5th Massachusetts - Colonel S.C. Lawrence (W)
11th Massachusetts - Colonel G. Clark
1st Minnesota - Colonel W.A. Gorman
4th Pennsylvania - Colonel John F. Hartranft
Company I, 1st U.S. Artillery -
Captain J.B. Ricketts (W&C)

Second Brigade
Colonel Orlando B. Willcox (W&C), Colonel J.H. Hobart Ward

11th New York - Lt. Colonel N.C. Farnham (W)
38th New York - Colonel J.H. Hobart Ward, Lt. Colonel A. Farnsworth
1st Michigan - Major A.F. Bidwell
4th Michigan - Colonel D.A. Woodbury
Company D, 2nd U.S. Artillery - Captain R. Arnold

Third Brigade
Colonel Oliver O. Howard

3rd Maine - Major H.G. Staples
4th Maine - Colonel H.G. Berry
5th Maine - Colonel M.H. Dunnell
2nd Vermont - Colonel H. Whiting

Fourth Division
Brigadier General Theodore Runyon


1st New Jersey - Colonel A.J. Johnson
2nd New Jersey - Colonel H. M. Baker
3rd New Jersey - Colonel W. Napton
4th New Jersey - Colonel M. Miller Volunteers

1st New Jersey - Colonel W.R. Montgomery
2nd New Jersey - Colonel G.W. McLean
3rd New Jersey - Colonel G. W. McLean
41st New York - Colonel L. Von Gilsa

Fifth Division
Colonel Dixon S. Miles

First Brigade
Colonel Louis Blenker

8th New York - Lieutenant Colonel J. Stahel
29th New York - Colonel A. von Steinwehr
39th New York - Colonel F.G. D'Utassy
27th Pennsylvania - Colonel M. Einstein
Company A, 2nd U.S. Artillery - Captain J.C. Tidball
8th New York Militia Battery - Captain C. Brookwood
Second Brigade
Colonel Thomas A. Davies

16th New York - Lieutenant Colonel S. Marsh
18th New York - Colonel W.A. Jackson
31st New York - Colonel C.E. Pratt
32nd New York - Colonel R. Matheson
Company G, 2nd U.S. Artillery - Lieutenant O.D. Greene

(w) = wounded
(k) = killed
(c) = captured

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