Volunteer Rosarian
Volunteer Rosarian

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Make a Difference
Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site


Use your knowledge, skills, and talent to give back to your community and inspire others. Volunteers committing 1 or 2 days of service a week are needed. Some opportunities include:

  • Meeting and greeting the park’s visiting public
  • Assisting in the park’s many special events
  • Maintaining the International Peace Rose Garden
  • Photographing park events
  • Digitizing historical documents, photos, and slides
  • Maintaining the park’s library
  • Conducting interpretive talks and tours
  • Designing posters and brochures for park events

And much, much more!

We are seeking individuals and groups who are enthusiastic, eager to learn, and can work with the general public. You may be the person we are seeking!

For more information regarding Martin Luther King Jr., National Historic Site's volunteer program and/or opportunities for volunteering, contact Ranger Klima or Ranger Smith, Volunteer Coordinators for the park.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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