A Strong and Enduring Acknowledgment

the crypt of Dr. and Mrs. King at The King Center
The crypt of Dr. and Mrs. King on the grounds of The King Center.  Copyrighted image(s).  Contact Intellectual Properties Management for authorized use at licensing@i-p-m.com.

Designed by Donald Bermudez

After the 1968 funeral services for Dr. King at Ebenezer Baptist Church, his casket was carried upon a farm wagon drawn by two mules to the Campus of Morehouse College for a more public funeral. Afterwards Dr. King was transported to Southview Cemetery in Atlanta for a private family burial. In 1970, Dr. King’s crypt was relocated from Southview Cemetery to The King Center Campus. He was later laid to rest in a single Marble tomb on The King Center’s Reflecting Pool.

On November 17, 2006, following the death of Mrs. King in January 2006, Dr. and Mrs. King were reinterred and reunited, entombed in a side-by-side crypt. This double crypt was constructed from Georgia marble. The stone is symbolic and serves as a strong and enduring acknowledgment of Dr. and Mrs. King ‘s southern roots and experiences.The crypt is inscribed with phrases that held special meaning for each of them. Dr. King famously quoted the spiritual "Free At Last". Mrs. King often cited the Biblical scripture. . . “the greatest of these is love.”


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