The endangered Blue Shiner
The endangered Blue Shiner

Joel Sartore / National Geographic Creative

Over 25 miles of river within the boundary of Little River Canyon National Preserve, the waters of the Little River are home to 40 species of fish. With some of the cleanest waters in Alabama, it's no wonder so many fish live here!

One of these fish, the Blue Shiner, is an endangered species of ray-finned fish found in the Little River within the park boundary. They prefer clear water with slow currents. Insects are the main diet for this fish, and they reproduce in late Spring through early Summer. The name comes from the color of the fish - it is blue with a bright blue/green stripe that runs from head to tail. These small (about 3 inches long), narrow fish have a small, triangular head, and their fins are bright yellow or orange with white around the edges.

Whether you want to view fish, catch fish, or swim with fish, Little River Canyon National Preserve offers multiple access points to the river along the length of the park.

Here is more information on fishing at Little River Canyon!
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Last updated: December 29, 2022

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