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Memorial Features

The Lincoln Memorial is made of stone from several regions of the United States, assembled into a classical tribute to Lincoln and the Union. The memorial's design, placement, and landscape are meant to impress and inspire. Together, these key features of the Lincoln Memorial ensure that the simple Lincoln is elevated elegantly to a level commensurate with his historical role and achievements. Learn about they key features of this memorial and more!

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Construction Timeline
Congress incorporated the Lincoln Monument Association in March of 1867 to build what would become the Lincoln Memorial. The land underneath the Lincoln Memorial, now known as the National Mall, was mostly reclaimed in the 1890s. Learn more about the complicated Construction Timeline of the Lincoln Memorial.

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By The Numbers
How many columns are in the Lincoln Memorial? How many states' names are carved into the memorial? When was it built and how long did it take? Learn about the Lincoln Memorial By The Numbers.

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National Park Service Sites Associated With Abraham Lincoln

Numerous NPS sites directly commemorate the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War.

Last updated: May 18, 2021

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