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Pioneers on the southern Indiana frontier in the early 19th century lived close to the land. They looked to the natural environment for food, clothing, and shelter. Their survival was dependent on the resources they found and their ability to effectively utilize them. But in the process of doing so, they altered the environment as well. They hunted the wild animals and cleared the land. Those who followed them continued to reshape the land and the environment for varying reasons. Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial combines the commemorative and natural landscapes to serve as a useful example of the continuing evolution of the relationship between man and the world around him.

Tufted Titmouse


In addition to exploring all the wonderful history of where Abraham Lincoln grew up, Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial is also a great place to experience the natural environment where Lincoln was a boy.

Breeding bird surveys were initiated in 2007 to assess changes in species and abundance of birds in the park, and to improve our understanding of breeding birds. Surveys have shown records for 52 different bird species.

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