The park's stategic geographic location and varied habitats are largely responsible for its high faunal diversity. More than 140 species of vertebrates, including at least 46 mammals, 100 birds, 10 amphibians, 20 fish and 3 reptiles pass through or make their permanent home within the park. The many species of invertebrates have yet to be inventoried.

Mountain beaver from a wildlife camera

Learn about the magnificent mammals of Lewis and Clark NHP.

Juvenile bard owl perched on a mossy tree

The park has a high number of resident and migratory birds due to its diversity of habitats and its location on the Pacific flyway.

Coho fry swimming

Lewis and Clark NHP river, streams and sloughs are home to a variety of fish including federally listed salmon.

Rough skinned newt on brown leaves

The park's extensive and diverse wetlands support a relatively high number of amphibians.

Last updated: September 13, 2020

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