Curriculum Materials

Cover for the Educator's Resource Guide

The Lewis and Clark Expedition: Educator's Resource Guide

Introduction & Table of Contents [pdf] 8 pages; 229KB

Unit A: Object of This Mission [pdf] 17 pages; 720KB

Unit B: Planning & Preparation [pdf] 37 pages; 530KB

Unit C: Mapping [pdf] 16 pages; 1,717 KB

Unit D: Discoveries [pdf] 16 pages; 347KB

Unit E: Passage Through Many Nations [pdf] 7 pages; 245KB

Unit F: Arrival [pdf] 29 pages; 442KB

Unit G: Post Expedition Results [pdf] 4 pages; 179KB

Unit H: Miscellaneous Activities [pdf] 4 pages; 108KB

Tools of Survival Activity Guide [pdf] 59 pages; 1,720KB

Tools of Survival Answer Key [pdf] 16 pages; 223KB

Evaluation [pdf] 4 pages; 137KB

Educational Resource Materials [pdf] 36 pages; 549KB

Appendix A: Answer Keys [pdf] 29 pages; 885KB

Last updated: August 29, 2017

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