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A landscape view of the lake with a rocky shoreline.

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History & Culture

The mighty Columbia River has drawn people to its waters for over 9,000 years. Plateau peoples thrived on its rich fisheries. Later, trappers and traders plied its currents and rapids. The last frontier post stood watch on its shores. Grand Coulee Dam transformed the river into Lake Roosevelt.


The national recreation area spans three distinct physiographic provinces: the Okanogan Highlands, the Kootenay Arc, and the Columbia Plateau. Each of these has its own distinct plant and animal populations.


With such diverse resources, Lake Roosevelt has a lot to offer educators. Parks As Classrooms programs can be timed to introduce concepts, reinforce understanding, or stimulate culminating projects within a teaching unit.


In 1946 Coulee Dam National Recreation Area (NRA) was created, later to be renamed as Lake Roosevelt NRA. The adjacent lands "offered unusual opportunities through sound planning, development, and management for health, social, and economic gains for the people of the nation."

Last updated: January 30, 2024

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