A stainless-steel statue stands in a field of green with a helmet and weapon.
Plan your visit to the Korean War Veterans Memorial!

Photo: NPS / Kate McCarthy


Korean War Veterans Memorial welcomes all individuals with disabilities and their service animals! The park strives to make visitation accessible by removing barriers and communicating accessibility. Explore our accessibility page for access information before you visit. National Mall and Memorial Parks has loanable wheelchairs located at the World War II Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and Korean War Veterans Memorial if needed. Braille brochures are available at the Survey Lodge Ranger station, located at approximately 1601 Independence Avenue. Contact us with any questions or for help planning your visit!


Additional aid

  • TTY Federal Relay Service (800) 877-8339
  • Voice Carry Over (VCO) (877) 877-6280
  • Speech-to-Speech (877) 877-8982
The pathway to the memorial transitions from sidewalk to granite concrete as visitors approach the memorial. Stain-less steel statues of veterans stand to the right.
Entrance to the memorial.

Photo: NPS / Kate McCarthy

The Korean War Veterans Memorial is an outdoor memorial. Located on the western side of the National Mall, the memorial can be accessed from the sidewalk. As visitors approach the front entrance of the memorial, the ground surface changes from sidewalk to stone. The stone surface may be slippery when wet. Visitors may exit the memorial using the front entrance or one of the back exits behind the circular pool.

A wayside entitled, "cost of freedom" offer audio, braille, and tactile elements.
"The Cost of Freedom" wayside sits near the memorial offering braille, audio, and tactile elements.

Photo: NPS / Kate McCarthy


  • Just before visitors enter the memorial space, they may encounter an interactive wayside titled, “Cost of Freedom.” This wayside offers audio, braille, and tactile elements.

Reflective images of war veterans are displated on a stainless-steel wall.
The memorial's reflective wall.

Photo: NPS / Kate McCarthy

  • The first part of the memorial is a triangular field with stainless steel statues and a reflective wall engraved with images of uniformed servicemen to represent all who served. Lights on the path allow for visitors to see the reflective wall at night as well as lead the way.

A circular pool is seen in the right. Linden trees in the winter and benches line the pool.
A quiet place for visitors to reflect.

Photo: NPS / Kate McCarthy

  • The second half of the memorial is a circular pool with a low wall containing the names of those who were killed in action in Korea. A ring of benches and linden trees provides a quiet, contemplative space to honor the sacrifices made during the war.

  • The circular pool has no barrier to protect visitors from falling in. Please stay a fair distance away from this drop. The benches surrounding the pool are granite and have no back or arm rest.


Last updated: March 21, 2024

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