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United Nations Wall

Visitors approaching the memorial come first to a granite curb on the north side of the statues. This low wall lists the 22 countries that battled the North Korean and Chinese Communist forces or gave medical support to the UN effort. Visitors are sometimes surprised to learn that the conflict involved other allied countries, a coalition of forces opposed to the spread of Communism and launched by a United Nations Security Council Resolution.

These nations sent air, naval, and ground troops to stem the advance of the aggressors. Nearly 150,000 foreign service members joined American troops on the Korean peninsula. Over 3,300 of them died in the effort, and over 1,800 are still not accounted for.

They were often alongside America's troops, facing the same obstacles, and encountering the same difficulties. The members of the United Nations coalition and the support they provided included (as they appear on the UN Wall):

Australia: Two Infantry Battalions, Naval Forces, One Fighter Squadron
Belgium: One Infantry Battalion
Canada: Reinforced Infantry Brigade, Naval Forces, One Squadron of Transport Aircraft
Columbia: One Infantry Battalion, One Naval Frigate
Denmark: Medical (Red Cross)
Ethiopia: One Infantry Battalion
France: One Reinforced Infantry Battalion
Greece: One Infantry Battalion, Transport Aircraft
India: Medical (Army)
Italy: Medical (Red Cross)
Luxembourg: One Infantry Company
Netherlands: One Infantry Battalion, Naval Forces
New Zealand: One Artillery Regiment
Norway: Medical (Army)
Philippines: One Infantry Battalion, One Tank Company
Republic of Korea: Numerous
South Africa: One Fighter Squadron
Sweden: Medical (Red Cross)
Thailand: One Infantry Regiment, Naval Forces, Air and Naval Transports
Turkey: One Fighting Infantry Brigade
United Kingdom: Two Infantry Brigades, One Armor Regiment, Three Artillery and Combat Engineer Regiments, The Far Eastern Fleet, Two Sunderland Squadrons
United States: Numerous

Last updated: July 26, 2022

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