Caribou, wolves, and bears oh my! Kobuk Valley is home to a wide array of wild mammals. Caribou are often seen trotting across the sand dunes and swimming the Kobuk River while making their migration each spring and fall. While the caribou are migrating, the moose are wading in the swampy areas feeding and keeping a close eye out for their biggest predators, the grey wolf and brown bear. If you head into the upland areas you might find a few Dall's Sheep hangout out on the mountain tops. For the lucky visitor, you might even catch a rare glimpse of one of the solitary wolverines calling Kobuk Valley their home. Total, there are 32 mammals found in Kobuk Valley national park.

Kobuk Valley is home to one of the last great migrations left on the planet. Every spring and fall, the Western Arctic Caribou Herd –a quarter of a million animals –passes through the valley on the 600 mile trek between their summer and winter grounds. In our rapidly urbanizing world, many of the great migrations have disappeared, and Kobuk Valley National Park protects this millennia-old journey that is vital to both the caribou and the people who live in their path.

Caribou grazing the foreground and mountains in background
All About Caribou

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Gray Wolf walking on snow with bare tundra in background
Gray Wolf

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Grizzly Bear standing in grass
Grizzly Bear

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Wolverine perched on log

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Bull moose standing on hill in the Arctic

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Muskox standing on tundra

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Snowshoe hare in mostly white winter color
Snowshoe Hare

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Pine marten walking in snow.
American Pine Marten

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Closeup of beaver in water

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Closeup of an Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox

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Mammals of Kobok Valley National Park
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Last updated: September 21, 2023

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