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Caribou, sand dunes, the Kobuk River, Onion Portage - just some of the facets of Kobuk Valley National Park. Half a million caribou migrate through, their tracks crisscrossing sculpted dunes. The Kobuk River is an ancient and current path for people and wildlife. For 9000 years, people came to Onion Portage to harvest caribou as they swam the river. Even today, that rich tradition continues. Read More

girl holding towel in from of sand dunes and a river

Video Postcards

Create a video postcard in Kobuk Valley National Park to celebrate the National Park Service's Centennial.

Image of caribou bone in sand

Caribou on the Dunes

Twice a year, a quarter of a million caribou migrate across the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes, the largest active dunes in the Arctic.

pilot looking out at a river with plane wing in the corner

Park Blogs

Find out more about Kobuk Valley National Park in these blogs written by park rangers, researchers and pilots.

students study bones on the sand dunes

Super Science Camp

Kotzebue students get a real life look at what it means to be a field biologist in the wilderness of Kobuk Valley National Park.

Student interviewing a park biologist

Ranger Report

Check out this week's Ranger Report, a short news report on natural resources, science and wildlife made by local Kotzebue students.

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