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The arched vehicle doors to the Red Jacket Fire Station stand open in this 1904 photograph.
Red Jacket Firehouse 1904

Below are the sample questions for the 2012 High School Local History Smackdown. (Hint: These are often the questions used during the first round of competition).

Question: During the 1850s, many Keweenaw roads were made with wooden planks laid side-by-side. What were these roads called?
Answer: Plank roads

Question: Calumet & Hecla, Quincy, and Copper Ranger all constructed libraries for their employees' families. What other amenity did the companies also provide in each of those buildings?
Answer: Bathing facilities

Question: Chassell, Sidnaw, and Bergland were all settlements dominated by what industry?
Answer: Logging or lumber companies

Question: Early copper prospectors looked for signs of prehistoric mining by American Indians as an indication of good places to explore for copper. Name one of these tell-tale signs of ancient mining.
Answer: Pits or trenches dug into the ground; stone hammers and other tools; scars in the bedrock from fire setting.

Question: Name one of the mines owned and operated by the Copper Rnage Company.
Answer: Champion, Baltic, Trimountain, White Pine, Atlantic, Winona, or King Phillip

Question: Stamps, hydraulic separators, jigs, wash tables, and slime buddles were all employed in what copper production process?
Answer: Milling (concentrating is also an acceptable answer)

Question: In the Lake Superior copper mines, machinery accidents were the second biggest killer of the men who worked underground. What accident type was the biggest killer?
Answer: Falling rock and other falling material

Question: Glaciers broke pieces of copper from exposed rock formations, moved them as the ice expanded, and deposited them as the ice melted. What are those pieces of copper called?
Answer: Float copper

Question: Solomon Kirkish established a dry goods store in 1913. What town was it in?
Answer: Houghton

Question: Back in the early years of mining, companies hired young boys to get supplies and run errands for miners. What were these boys called?
Answer: Drill boys

Question: The Houghton County Traction Company's streetcars served an amusement park located between Hancock and Calumet. It was noted for its modern lighting. What was the name of this amusement park?
Answer: Electric Park

Question: This Houghton County community got its start in 1861, when Ransom Shelden built a sawmill on the northeast shore of Portage Lake.
Answer: Dollar Bay

Question: 160 acres of land near Copper Harbor was set aside as a nature preserve in 1973 to protect some of the oldest and largest tress in Michigan. What is the name of this preserve?
Answer: Estivant Pines

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