Keweenaw NHP Minecraft

Four Minecraft in-game characters with commercial and residential buildings in the background
Rangers interact with builders and players in a virtual time machine!


Welcome to the Keweenaw NHP Minecraft Project! Keweenaw Minecraft is an re-creation of Keweenaw National Historical Park's Calumet unit and its surroundings in 1917. Builders use historical maps and photos to envision and build the past! Minecraft players, youth, and gamers worldwide can work with us to build and explore the history of this community.

Minecraft recreation of a brick building with imbedded historical image

Builder Creations

This virtual time machine is a co-creation of gamers around the United States with rangers from the National Park Service! Builders contribute buildings, help each other, and even create videos of their work to share.

Featured Builder: Jakob03e of JakobeCraft

Copper Town USA - Ep 4 -1917 Calumet in Minecraft
Historic recreation of 1917 Calumet Michigan in Minecraft. Come along as I help in the Keweenaw National Historical Park Minecraft project to build a historically and spatially accurate, virtual recreation of the Calumet Unit of Keweenaw National Historical Park and surrounding area in 1917.

Black and white photograph of the Calumet Village Hall and Theater Black and white photograph of the Calumet Village Hall and Theater

Left image
Black and white photograph of the Calumet Village Hall and Theater

Right image
Minecraft recreation of the Calumet Village Hall and Theater

A partially built Minecraft scene shows a street which ends in divided grassy lots

Information about the project

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Minecraft re-creation of a church with a park ranger in-game character floating for a view inside

Information about Minecraft

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Minecraft welcome room for Map Release 1

Map Releases

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Minecraft player working on recreating the Norwegian Lutheran Church in downtown Calumet

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Last updated: October 30, 2021

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