Keweenaw NHP Minecraft Project Map Releases

Map Installation Instructions

You can download our map releases by clicking on the photo next to the title. Once you have downloaded one, you will need to unzip the folder. Place the unzipped folder in your game saves folder located at C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves
With the map release in your save folder, you can now launch Minecraft with version 1.16.5, and it should appear in your list of single-player worlds.

Minecraft welcome room for Map Release 1

Map Release 1

Explore a portion of Calumet in 1917 and learn about the different homes and occupations held by people who lived and worked in downtown Calumet.

Discover landscape changes over time by learning about historic buildings and their uses.

Excavate and examine an archaeological site.

Examine, interpret, and re-build the findings from an archaeological site.

Re-creation of downtown Calumet

Map Release 2

Come explore downtown Calumet in 1917 between 6th and 7th streets from Portland to Elm. Learn about the people who lived and worked there.

Activities in this map include: building a house from a historic photograph, learning about the history of the Ryan family, excavating where a house used to stand, and then re-creating it in your style!

Significant contributions to this release were made by: Jakobe, Dea_Fox, and RollerDave


Contact Information

Please e-mail us if you want to build with us or would like to know more about the project.

Last updated: June 19, 2022

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