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Teachers from the western six counties of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan are an integral part of the Copper TRACES experience. Their organization, patience, and enthusiasm contributes to the field day's success in a variety of ways. What are their overall thoughts about Copper TRACES? What makes the field day special for their students? How do the station activities enhance their students' learning? Check out their insights below!
A large group of students mimic park rangers doing different movements.
Students mimic park rangers doing "mining" movements.

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Copper TRACES is a very valuable, educational program. Students get to visit a historical site and participate in hands-on activities to directly involve them in the program. My students were completely engaged during the lessons and recalled a lot of information from their sessions. The rap song was sung all the way home! :)

Copper TRACES allowed my class to visit a park that they may not have the opportunity otherwise.

This was the best field trip I have ever experienced!

Great program! Great way for students to learn about our history and environment.

Students use their hands to complete different steps of the copper milling process.
Hands-on, engaging activity stations are a highlight of Copper TRACES.

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A phenomenal event. In my 30 years of teaching, this is the best field trip ever! I think the organizers deserve national recognition due to the caliber of this event.

This is a program that is well thought out in a fun and hands-on approach to the areas 4th graders. It hits many standards in science and SS. The students love the activities and constant moving. The pace is perfect for 10 year old students.

Copper Traces provided opportunities for hands-on learning from trained professionals right inside a national park.

A group of students stand on a large stage.
Students have the opportunity to explore the history of Calumet's historic places, like The Calumet Theatre.

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This program is an excellent opportunity for both students and educators to learn and participate in hands-on activities. I know that my students and I have an absolute blast. I would recommend it to any fourth grade teacher who had not yet heard about it or was unsure whether they wanted to participate. Both my students and I learned a lot that we had not known before attending. Thank you very much for the opportunity.

Students would like to go back again. They didn't realize that the town had such beautiful buildings and they got to learn so much! One parent chaperone said: I forget the beauty and history we have right here in our U.P.

This is the best field trip my students go on. It is fun, engaging, well-organized and the kids have such a great time.

Last updated: June 16, 2022

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