Anna Klobuchar Clemenc

A woman poses for a photo holding an American flag that is partially draped around her body.
"Big Annie's" inspiration and leadership was looked to by many miners and their families during the 1913-14 Copper Miners' Strike.

KNHP Archives C& H Capello Strike Album #161 [Anna Clemenc Studio Portrait]

Born in Calumet, Michigan to Slovenian immigrant parents in 1888, Anna Klobuchar Clemenc Shavs was instrumental in the fight for worker's rights during the 1913-14 Copper Miners' Strike in Michigan's Copper Country. She founded and served as president of the Women's Auxiliary No. 15 of the Western Federation of Miners, serving jail time and suffering with ostracization due to her efforts. Inducted into Labor's International Hall of Fame and the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame, "Big Annie" led a fight for social justice that was ahead of her time.

Learn more about her at:

Labor's International Hall of Fame website
Michigan Women's Hall of Fame website

Last updated: June 19, 2022

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