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Please Note

(April 1st, 2020)

Weekend visitation has been higher than expected and and wait times to enter the Strentzel/Muir home can be long.

  • Weekend visitation has been extraordinarily heavy and may impact your visit.
  • Under current COVID protocols, only one household group of 12 people or less is allowed in the house at a time, and visits are limited to 20 minutes.
  • Wait times to tour the Strentzel/Muir house can be 2 hours or more.
  • If you are interested in touring the house, we strongly recommend visiting on a weekday to reduce wait times.

General Visitation

Most visitors do not need a reservation to tour the site. Please call to make reservations for large groups, field trips, special events, or permits: (925)228-8860 x0


Large Group or School Group Tours

We love to share our knowledge and the history of John Muir and this historic park site. If you are bringing a large group and would like a guided tour by one of our rangers, please allow for a two-week advance notice. Teachers need to contact the visitor center in order to reserve an education program for their class, and can find more information on the "Education" page of our website. Scheduling in advance helps us to keep your National Park staffed safely and appropriately.

Special use Permits (Our Park)

Application Requirements for Special Use Permits within the John Muir National Historic Site can be obtained by downloading the documents in the link, below.

Submitting Forms: Contact Trevor Rice to be provided an email for form submissions, or questions.

Special Use Permit Form (Long)
Special Use Permit Form (Short)
Still Photography Permit Form (Long)
Still Photography Permit Form (Short)


General Guidelines for Permitted Events at John Muir National Historic Site:

In order to assure that all visitors are able to enjoy the facilities of John Muir National Historic Site and to preserve the tranquility of the historic grounds, the following rules govern these activities:

1. All special events on the grounds (garden, hillside, and orchard) must be completed by 4:00 pm. There is a limit of 70 participants.

2. Weddings or other events in the Muir House are limited to 20 participants.

3. The Site does not allow receptions.

4. Un-amplified music is permitted within reason, so please indicate what you are proposing. Loudspeakers, bullhorns are not allowed.

5. The use of rice or birdseed at weddings is prohibited.

6. No area of the Site may be reserved for the exclusive use of the special event. Supplies, equipment or individuals may block no passage or doorway. Blocking of trails, steps, entry and doorways are not permitted. For this reason, weddings or other events on the Muir House front porch and front lawn are not permitted.

7. No cooking or fires are allowed on site.

8. No artifacts or furnishings may be used or moved.

9. Permittee insures that all garbage and litter is picked up and removed from the Site prior to leaving.

Last updated: October 22, 2021

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