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Park Main Line: (229) 824 - 4104 ext 0
Park Superintendent and Administrative Offices: (229) 824 - 4576

Park Management and Administration
Encompasses activities related to park-wide administrative, managerial, and support functions, as well as safety and planning. In addition, this area is responsible for working with external constituencies in order to develop valuable park partnerships. Altogether, the Management and Administration staff provides a host of essential services to enable park employees to focus on accomplishing core mission operations and their functional duties.

Acting Superintendent
Charles Sellars
(229) 824 - 4576

Chief of Administration
Karen Barry
(229) 824 - 4576

Administrative Support Assistant
Tina Grant
(229) 824 - 4576

Interpretation and Education
The Division of Interpretation and Education conducts a variety of interpretive programs and outreach to encourage the development of a deeper understanding of American history and to broaden public support for preserving park resources. Interpretive rangers present the story of a young Jimmy Carter growing up in a rural southern town to visitors through formal interpretation at the park with talks, demonstrations, special events, and with informal interpretation.

Chief of Interpretation

Beth Wright
(229) 824 - 4104 ext. 200

Park Ranger
Kevin Alexander
(229) 376 - 0476

Education Technician
Patricia "Patty" Kuehn
(229) 824 - 4104 ext. 275

Park Guide
Chris Mattingly
(229) 824 - 4104 ext. 270

Jessica McCausland
(229) 824 - 4104 ext. 280

ACE Intern
Tyler Ledbetter
(229) 824 - 4104 ext. 0

Education Program
The Education Program operates as a partnership between the Georgia Department of Education, The National Park Service, and the Friends of Jimmy Carter National Park Service. The Georgia Standards of Excellence are utilized to develop curricular and programming designed to foster opportunity for students to learn about the life and legacy of President and Mrs. Carter.
Georgia Department of Education
Marle C. Usry
(229) 824 - 4104 ext. 250

Educational Technician
Patricia "Patty" Kuehn
(229) 824 - 4104 ext. 275

Facility Management
The Maintenance functional area encompasses all activities designed to improve or prolong the life of the park's assets. The preservation of these resources allows for visitors to safely enjoy their activities at the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site.

Chief of Maintenance
Craig Davis
(229) 824 - 4104 ext. 300

Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
Randall "Randy" Dillard
(229) 824 -4104 ext. 310

Facilities Service Assistant
Todd Wooten
(229) 824 - 4104 ext. 130

Gardener Supervisor
Henry Smith
(229) 824 - 4104 ext. 311

Slade Dominick
(229) 824-4104

Facilities Intern
Lauren Utsey
(229) 824-4104 ext. 311

Jennifer Harris
(229) 824-4104 ext. 311

Resource Management
The Cultural Resource staff protect legacy of Jimmy Carter through care of museum collections, oral history materials and through resource management monitoring. Cultural resource management at the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site encompasses activities related to the management, preservation, and protection of a variety of natural communities and processes, cultural landscapes, museum artifacts, and archaeological sites.

Chief of Interpretation and Cultural Resources
Beth Wright
(229) 824 - 4104 ext. 200

Interdisciplinary Cultural Resource Specialist
Katie Wackrow
(229) 824 - 4104 ext 230

The staff of the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site invites you to visit and explore the hometown of the 39th President of the United States to experience the influences that inspired a young man from a small, rural, south Georgia town to become President.

Last updated: June 27, 2018

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