Welcome to James A. Garfield National Historic Site, home of the 20th President of the United States. The home is located in Mentor, Ohio, about 25 miles east of Cleveland. Directions to the site can be found here .

Tours begin in the Visitor Center which is in the 1893 Carriage House that was constructed under the watch of Mrs. Lucretia Garfield. In the Visitor Center there are exhibits in former horse stalls, on panels and in displays consisting of photos, artifacts and text. There are two audio-based exhibits in the Visitor Center.

A theatre is located in the Visitor Center. There is an 18-minute biographical film about James A. Garfield shown by request in the theatre. Located at the back of the theatre is a pink wall where the park displays different topics throughout the year. There are no campgrounds, lodges, or pay phones within the park.

The park offers guided tours led by park rangers and volunteers through the Garfield home; tour tickets are purchased in the Visitor Center. Tours begin at the front desk in the Visitor Center; visitors can call the site the day of their visit to get a schedule of tours. Restrooms are located in the building next to the Visitor Center. A water fountain and bottle filling station is located outside near the restrooms or inside the Visitor Center. During the winter season the outside water fountains are not functioning and you must enter the Visitor Center to access the water fountain.


Physical / Mobility Accessibility

Visitor Center

  • Entrance: The front and back doors to the Visitor Center can only be opened manually.

  • Parking: The parking lot behind the Visitor Center is paved. There are accessible parking spaces closest to the Visitor Center. If an individual needs to be dropped off before parking his or her vehicle there are benches on which to sit.

  • Restrooms: At the Visitor Center, both the men's and women's restrooms can only be opened manually. These are the only public restrooms on site.

  • The Visitor Center is one floor.

  • Exhibits: With advanced notice a ranger or volunteer can be scheduled to guide visitors with visual and hearing impairments through the exhibit areas.

    Programs and Tours

  • Wheelchairs are available on a first come first serve basis if an individual needs assistance.

  • A golf cart is available to those individuals who need assistance and don’t want to use a wheelchair.

  • A lift is available to the front porch of the Garfield Home, and the front doors are able to be opened wide to accommodate wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers.

  • Once inside the Garfield home there is an elevator that takes visitors up to the library level; this is for anyone who has difficulty walking up two flights of stairs.

  • In the Garfield home, the bedroom level can only be accessed by walking up a total of 5 or 6 steps. If you are unable to do so please tell your tour guide and a movie describing this area of the Garfield home can be played.

  • The tour guides are also able to pull out folding chairs while in the house if one is needed by any individual.

  • The site also has folding cane chairs. These are available at the front desk in the Visitor Center. It can be used as a cane and when an individual needs to sit it can fold out into a chair.

    Grounds and Waysides

  • Once visitors are done with the house tour they have an opportunity to visit President Garfield’s Campaign Office. There is a lift to the front porch of the building; ask at the front desk and the cord will be set out for you in advance. Rangers will operate the lift for you.

  • Restrooms: At the Visitor Center, both the men's and women's restrooms can only be opened manually. Restrooms are not available anywhere else at James A. Garfield National Historic Site except in the building next to the Visitor Center. Drinking fountains can be found both outside and inside the Visitor Center, in the winter the outside fountain is turned off.

  • There are interpretive signs (waysides) in the park which are easily accessed due to paved walkways. Wheelchairs are also able to pull right up to the signs.

  • The picnic table area is also accessible due to a paved walkway.

  • Other buildings on the property are labeled like the tenant house, granary, and chicken coop. Although they are not all open to the public can be easily accessed due to paved walkways.


Deaf / Hearing Loss Accessibility

Visitor Center

  • Exhibits: In the Visitor Center, some of the exhibits feature audio or have text descriptions next to the exhibit.

  • The park’s 18 minute introductory film is equipped with open captioning.

Programs and Tour

  • The film located on the library floor ( for visitors who can’t go up these steps to the bedrooms) is equipped with closed captioning.

  • We also offer a written version of our guided tour, which visitors with hearing impairments may use on the guided tour. Please inquire at the front desk in the Visitor Center.


Blind / Low Vision Accessibility

Visitor Center

  • Exhibits: A few of the exhibits do have audio presentations along with the printed text. Recorded audio description is not available for all the exhibits. Flashlights are available at the front desk if additional lighting is needed.
  • Individuals who have service animals are able to visit the home and Visitor Center. You will find more information about service animals in the service animals section.
  • Pathways have smooth surfaces so individuals who use canes are able to move without any hindrances.
  • The site grounds can be interpeted through our cell phone tour. If the phone has a QR reader you can scan or there is a phone number to call. The tour narratives can be accessed by scanning the QR codes on marked signs along the path, or by the phone number. Please inquire at the front desk if assistance is needed.

Service Animals

Visitor Center

Guided Home Tours

  • Service animals are allowed in national parks.

  • Please call ahead if you plan on visiting with a service animal to find out more about the house tour and facility.


  • Water: Water is available at the Visitor Center drinking fountain or outside fountain. There is no water available in the home for service animals (or humans!), the park does not provide any cups or dishes for service animal.

  • Waste: A pet waste station is located near the Visitor Center entrance. Plastic bags are provided- please use one, or bring your own.


Other considerations

  • Winters in Ohio tend to be cold with snow and ice from December to April. Summers in Ohio are comfortable, but can be humid and reach into the 90's. There is a 300 yard walk between the Visitor Center and Garfield home; visitors are advised to check weather conditions prior to their visit.
  • If you don't understand something you've read or need more clarification please call the site at (440) 255-8722.

Last updated: February 23, 2018

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